Sustainability Focused

The land has been carefully selected to provide the perfect opportunity for individuals to stop relying on the outside world and live with like-minded people in a fully sustainable community, while still being close enough to enjoy the conveniences of modern society.

To be sustainable, people need water, food, shelter and energy.


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Available In The Community

Estate Home

3.5 bedroom, 3 bathroom

Estate Home
Lifestyle Farm Home Model front view

3 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom

Lifestyle Farm Home Model
Large Lofted Home

2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom

Large Lofted Home

Why live in Veritas Panama?

Beautiful Houses

Select and customize your home from our beautiful, designed for efficiency homes. Including, but not limited to, large estates, tiny homes, mid-size homes, lifestyle farm homes and unique lodging. There is a home that fits your needs exactly!

Natural Water Sources

With both year-round rivers and natural mountain aquifers, you can rest easy knowing there is an abundance of fresh water on site.

Perfect Growing Conditions

The community produces its food as well as enjoying the produce of the farmers surrounding the community. Enjoy being part of self-reliance from small orchards and gardens to full homestead living.

Renewable Energy

Reduce or eliminate bills and reliance on corporations or government systems through solar, wind and hydro generation systems as part of the community.

Beautiful weather year-round at an ideal elevation


Food Growing Options

The space to grow

  • Community Orchards, Gardens and Small Livestock

  • Vertical Farming

  • Your Personal Land for Gardens and Orchards

Happy people walking and talking-1

Vertical Farming

Maximizing our growing area

  • Consistent Year-Round Crop Production

  • Less Space or Square Footage Required Conservation of Resources

  • Reduction of Transportation Costs

  • Very Energy Efficient

Vertical growing farm

Next Steps : Environmental and Permitting

Panama has stringent permitting and environmental regulations

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Environmental Study (ECP) and Permitting


Environmental Compliance Plan (up to 800 pages)

Public utility connections

Soils and percolation test

Presentations and meetings at public hearings

Sewer and water treatment plant designs, plans

Environmental Impact

Study Water well studies

Water collection system design

Fire system design …

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8 - 12 months for approvals anticipated Construction can begin once approved

Client Testimonials

"Living in Veritas Panama is a dream come true! The sustainable community offers a peaceful lifestyle in harmony with nature."




"I love living in Veritas Panama. The fresh air, organic food, and breathtaking views are a true paradise."



"Everything I need to live off the grid. The solar energy, water system, and organic gardens provide a self-sufficient lifestyle."




Please reach out to us if you are interested or have any questions about this upcoming community in the highlands of Panama!


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